Origin Story

I’ve always had a love for roller coasters since I was young and experienced my 1st coaster, the Racer at Kings Island back in 1972.

I would go to the parks and film the roller coasters and rides while visiting. I would then invite family and friends to view the videos through our social media platforms. Back in 2016, I had the idea to create a vlogging channel to capture my experiences at all of the parks that I would visit throughout the year. From there, Coaster Clubs Unite originated.

My vision was to bring together other vloggers who also enjoyed filming as much as I did and let them contribute their videos to the club. Each vlogger on my team has something different to share that can help others have an amazing experience while visiting parks around the world. CCU has created friendships and memories through vlogging. As always, we hope to CCU at the Park.


Our Goal

CCU is your virtual tour guide in having fun. Our vloggers will provide you with information and advice about different places where you can go to have fun year round.